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24nov(nov 24)8:5031may(may 31)10:50I VULNERABILI per MOVESla tournée veneziana de I vulnerabili(november 24) 8:50 - (may 31) 10:50

01feb9:0031may(may 31)13:00I VULNERABILI pocket edition per gli istituti scolastici di Ferrara, Modena, Parma, Ravenna e Reggio Emilia.di e con Filippo Tognazzo(february 1) 9:00 - (may 31) 13:00


13jun01julCAMPUS TEATRALI IN FATTORIA 2022dal 13 giugno al 1 luglio 20228:30 - (july 1) 16:30 via Rio Serva 13, Preganziol (Tv)

sat18jun18:0023:00TEATRO IN MALGA 2022Asiago, Caltrano, Gallio, Lusiana Conco > Vicenza18:00 - 23:00

mon20jun17:0018:00RADIO PEPINITA! per il premio nazionale Otello Sarzila rapa la terra la pace la guerra17:00 - 18:00 Campo dei tigli, Montegranaro (Fm)

tue21jun18:0019:00RADIO PEPINITA! al festival NON C'È DIFFERENZAla rapa la terra la pace la guerra18:00 - 19:00


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racconti di guerra di Mario Rigoni Stern


Tales of War by Mario Rigoni Stern
with Filippo Tognazzo and Marica Rampazzo
adapted and directed by Filippo Tognazzo

Il puro vento dondola i grani retraces some of Mario Rigoni Stern’s military experiences, starting from his I racconti di guerra (Einaudi, 2006). From his voluntary enlistment in the Alpine skier corps in 1939, through the Albanian and Russian wars, captivity in Lager 1-B, and finally, the Resistance. The story of a boy who becomes a man through war, but never renounces his humanity.

Storytelling theatre, suitable for adult audiences and kids 14+
Show protected by SIAE (OLAF section), popular music not protected
The show can be performed with live music or a choir

So, this is how an eighteen-year-old survived those times. If I recall my companions back then, I see their young faces and remember their voices, the songs we sang quietly in the shelters of Mont Blanc. The first fell on those same mountains in June 1940, then came the countryside of Greek campaign and others remained forever on the Albanian mountains; and still more in the Balkans and the Russian steppes. There were always fewer and fewer of us. Then came the German camps and the Resistance. That was our twenties.

Mario Rigoni Stern

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Il Puro Vento Dondola i Grani

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