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13jun01augfestival TOROTOTELA TOROTOTÀ > LABORATORIO TEATRALE SETTIMANALE in Polisportiva Preganziol (TV)TOROTOTELA TOROTOTÀ festival diffuso di teatro per bambini e famiglie(june 13) 9:00 - (august 1) 13:00

tue16jul18:3022:00festival TOROTOTELA TOROTOTÀ > spettacolo LE STORIE DEL MATTOTOROTOTELA TOROTOTÀ festival diffuso di teatro per bambini e famiglie18:30 - 22:00 Via Monte Antelao, Borgo Fiorito di Preganziol, Treviso

thu18jul17:3018:30festival TOROTOTELA TOROTOTÀ > LIBRICINA in Casa VivaTOROTOTELA TOROTOTÀ festival diffuso di teatro per bambini e famiglie17:30 - 18:30 via Besta 5, Dosson di Casier (TV)

fri19jul18:3022:00festival TOROTOTELA TOROTOTÀ > spettacolo COL CASCO NON CI CASCOTOROTOTELA TOROTOTÀ festival diffuso di teatro per bambini e famiglie18:30 - 22:00 piazza Diaz, Santrovaso di Preganziol, Treviso


26aug(aug 26)8:3006sep(sep 6)17:30CAMPUS ESTIVI DI TEATRO in Fattoria Didattica e Sociale RIO SELVA a Preganziol (Tv)TOROTOTELA TOROTOTÀ festival diffuso di teatro per bambini e famiglie8:30 - (september 6) 17:30 via Rio Serva 13, Preganziol (Tv)


Federica Bittante:
E-mail: federica.bittante@zeldateatro.com
mob.: 340 9362803
skype: fedebit
E-mail: info@zeldateatro.com
Fax: 0422 97452


Organization 2017-11-10T10:39:45+00:00

The organization of cultural events

We put our production and theatrical organizational experience at your disposal, proposing creative solutions.



Artistic and organizational management is fundamental to the success of cultural events. Designing and organizing events is a complex, multifaceted activity that deserves detailed research and careful planning. It also involves taking on many responsibilities and the ability to juggle content, budget and technical and artistic needs.

Open dialogue with the client during the design and planning phase, anticipating critical issues and identifying solutions.
We organize and coordinate the planned activities, without ever distorting the cultural message to be communicated to the audience, and sticking to the set timeframe and budget.

We offer a full support service, which, with our strong network of partnerships, accompanies the client throughout the process:
– Conception and organization;
– Management of SIAE practices and computerized ticketing;
– Setting-up, technical support and technical logistics (in collaboration with Artis and DOC services Soc. Coop.);
– artistic direction;
– comunication, web and social media (in collaboration with Neroavorio and Kaeru Comunicazione);
– filming and video streaming (in collaboration with Filandolarete);
– results analysis.

Finally, we have a natural talent for problem solving and innovation.
The theatre, even in this area, has given us a great gift.

Some of the events organized by Zelda

since 2011
Ad alta voce – letture in libertà

Events aimed at the general public
Commissioned by COOP Alliance 3.0, one of Europe’s largest cooperatives

Since 2001, thousands of listeners each year have rediscovered the pleasure of reading aloud together. Well-known voices lead us into unknown worlds which may be distant or near, past or future, utopian, dystopian or real. Readings on vaporettos and trams, in prisons or soup kitchens, and even in museums, theatres, stations and schools. These everyday places take on a whole new connotation for a day.
A tour of Italy in stages, bringing culture and solidarity and reviving the idea that a vibrant, thinking community can read and live better in a constantly evolving society.

So far, Aloud has involved over 600 authors (including Alessandro Bergonzoni, Paolo Rumiz, Loredana Lipperini, Francesco Tullio Altan, Lella Costa, Gad Lerner, Patrizio Roversi, and Maurizio Chelli) and many Italian cities: Bologna, Venice, Trieste, Ravenna, Cesena, Ancona, L’Aquila, and Padua.

Visit the “Ad alta voce” website

Vai al sito internet di “Ad alta voce”www.adaltavoce.it

since 2015

Events for Coop Alliance 3.0 members and employees
Commissioned by COOP ALLIANCE 3.0, one of Europe’s largest cooperatives

in 2017
Torototela Torototà

Youth theatre summer festival
Commissioned by Preganziol (Tv) Council

(see posters below)

since 2008

We create shows and organize the related tours, planning and carrying out events in collaboration with clients:

Theatrical performance about road safety

Produced in 2008 in collaboration with the Association for Not Forgetting and the Association of Family Members of Road Accident Victims
400 performances and 130,000 spectators

Tales of War by Mario Rigoni Stern

Produced in 2013 in collaboration with the Venice Summer Opera Festival

RITORNI ho visto la pace allo specchio
Theatrical show set in modern-day Bosnia, dedicated to peace, forgiveness and reconstruction

Produced in 2015 with the collaboration of the Benetton Studies and Research Foundation
Dedicated to the Bosnian villages of Osmače and Brežani, Srebrenica. Selected for the Carlo Scapa International Prize for Gardens 2014. Patrons: Amnesty International and the Council of Europe

STARLIGHT settemillimetridiuniverso
Theatrical performance about the birth of astrophysics in Italy

Produced in 2016 with the collaboration of the INAF National Astrophysics Institute
The show is part of the exhibition STARLIGHT The birth of astrophysics in Italy, which has been awarded the Medal of the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella.

See our workshops and courses for kids, adults and teachers