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13jun01augfestival TOROTOTELA TOROTOTÀ > LABORATORIO TEATRALE SETTIMANALE in Polisportiva Preganziol (TV)TOROTOTELA TOROTOTÀ festival diffuso di teatro per bambini e famiglie(june 13) 9:00 - (august 1) 13:00

tue16jul18:3022:00festival TOROTOTELA TOROTOTÀ > spettacolo LE STORIE DEL MATTOTOROTOTELA TOROTOTÀ festival diffuso di teatro per bambini e famiglie18:30 - 22:00 Via Monte Antelao, Borgo Fiorito di Preganziol, Treviso

thu18jul17:3018:30festival TOROTOTELA TOROTOTÀ > LIBRICINA in Casa VivaTOROTOTELA TOROTOTÀ festival diffuso di teatro per bambini e famiglie17:30 - 18:30 via Besta 5, Dosson di Casier (TV)

fri19jul18:3022:00festival TOROTOTELA TOROTOTÀ > spettacolo COL CASCO NON CI CASCOTOROTOTELA TOROTOTÀ festival diffuso di teatro per bambini e famiglie18:30 - 22:00 piazza Diaz, Santrovaso di Preganziol, Treviso


26aug(aug 26)8:3006sep(sep 6)17:30CAMPUS ESTIVI DI TEATRO in Fattoria Didattica e Sociale RIO SELVA a Preganziol (Tv)TOROTOTELA TOROTOTÀ festival diffuso di teatro per bambini e famiglie8:30 - (september 6) 17:30 via Rio Serva 13, Preganziol (Tv)


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People are not all equal, each one is wonderfully unique.

Training 2017-11-16T14:38:51+00:00

Workshops and courses for kids/teens, adults and teachers

Welcome to the theatre where everything is fake, but nothing is false.
Gigi Proietti.

Expressive reading workshops for children and adults.

The reading experience belongs to everyone. However, the richness of a text is not always enhanced by a reading that can make the value emerge. Carefully reading a work enables you to understand it and ring it to life, to appreciate not only its most obvious aspects (the plot, the characters, its evocative ability and the atmosphere), but also its unique linguistic and rhythmic qualities.
In particular, reading aloud immediately puts the question of expressiveness and communicative ability to the test.

The initial goal of our training is to give students the tools to fully enjoy reading. The second goal is to get to the reading for an audience, and then to an initial dramatization of the text.

Theatrical workshops for kids and adults.

Theatrical practices are present in many contexts: in all types of schools, from kindergarten to university, passionate young people, adults, the elderly. More recently, they have been included in training and rehabilitation programmes in nursing homes, prisons, and centres for the disabled and for migrants. In the theatre, different relational dynamics come into play from those normally in place. Theatrical activity develops listening, communication and expression, allows practical approaches to abstract problems, develops awareness, boosts confidence and self-control, and makes things possible in the theatrical context that are not normally possible in life.

The proposed programme focuses on developing existing personality, attitudes and skills, and teaching people to accept and confront their limits so as to gradually and non-traumatically overcome difficulties.

Workshops for teachers.

The workshop provides teachers with new and up-to-date tools for applying the techniques and language of the theatre in their training.
The course programme involves analysing and experimenting with different theatrical genres (puppetry, narration, acting, improvisation…), theatrical training (movement, breathing, listening, and relationships), storytelling and role-playing methodologies, and developing and using theatrical texts.

At the end of the course, teachers will therefore be able to develop their own projects and adapt them to their working context and pupils.

The practical and maieutic approach will allow participants to personalise the experience through dynamic and engaging activities.

Public Speaking Courses.

In communication it is essential to consider the human element – the relationship of trust and reciprocal exchange that is established with the interlocutor.
This course will therefore not teach you how to always persuade others or get your own way using your language skills or an aggressive approach.
The proposed course enables participants to organize and articulate their speech and present it clearly by learning to handle objections. All this through a practical, entertaining and engaging method that puts listening, relationships, creativity and students’ own aptitudes at its centre.
A stressful time thus becomes a satisfying and creative experience.

Feedback on our public speaking courses:

A powerful and stimulating experience. I recommend this course not only to those who, like me, want to “challenge” their fear of an audience but also to those who simply want to improve their way of communicating. You learn to handle fear and turn it into positive energy.
Valentina Grandin, HR Lavoropiù

An experiential workshop that transformed my expressiveness, pushing me towards my maximum potential in terms of incisiveness, efficacy and pathos.
Silvia Lignana Bellandi, owner of Linnea environmental and landscape consultancy

The pleasure of regaining self-confidence. A course that was anything but predictable. Interesting and entertaining. Filippo has the ability to draw out every individual’s character, heart and talent.
Margherita Greco, Research Fellow at Ca ‘ Foscari University, Venice, in collaboration with VEASYT

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