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Federica Bittante:
E-mail: federica.bittante@zeldateatro.com
mob.: 340 9362803
skype: fedebit
E-mail: info@zeldateatro.com
Fax: 0422 97452


offerto dai Signori Francavilla


presented by Signori Francavilla
with Filippo Tognazzo
and music by Officina Francavilla

A comic show in sweet and sour sauce that combines music, literature, vaudeville and cabaret, moving from Coco and Renato to David Riondino, from Gaber to Capossea, Conte and de Gregori. Especially suitable for those who have difficulty digesting, it’s appropriate for all ages and is effective against all humour deficiencies.

NB: We recommend taking it after meals

Acting and live music, adult audience
Show protected by SIAE (OLAF section), music protected

The show setlist varies.

Tunes include: A me mi piace il mare (Cochi e Renato), Galateo (David Riondino), Domani è lunedì (Paolini and I mercanti di liquore), Che coss’è l’amor (V. Capossela), Titanic (F. de Gregori), Il gaucho (Luigi Meneghello), Testardo (D. Silvestri), Il corrotto (G. Gaber), Il bello (F. Guccini), Paparadio (G. Gaber), La nave (G. Gaber), Brillantina Linetti (Officina Francavilla), Nina (Officina Francavilla), and E la vita la vita (Cochi e Renato).

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No Events on The List at This Time