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30sep01octLIBRICINA alla Cittadella dei Balocchi (PD)11:20 - (october 1) 13:30


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NINA from the stars

Can you save my planet?


by Filippo Tognazzo
with Anna Valerio
prop design Giulio Magnetto
music Andrea Fabris
arrangement Luca Francioso
lighting design Marco Duse
management Federica Bittante
a Zelda Teatro production

Once green, lush, and bursting with life, Nina and Bibi’s planet is now little more than a desolate desert. The greedy Ponzia Panza, mad inventor Tullio Sballio, and the ignorant Savio Sola exterminated animals and plants, even destroying schools.

So, Nina set off on a journey, in search of a planet as beautiful as hers to which she can take plants, animals and other wonders to try to rebuild and repopulate it.
Can the children help Nina achieve her goal?

A gentle modern fable about the indissoluble link between man, nature, education, and rights.

A show inspired by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, United Nations General Assembly, 25 September 2015

mixed technique, 4 years +
duration: 50 minutes

Download PDF presentation of NINA FROM the stars
Download the score of the song
Download the musical basis
Download base + voice (in Italian)

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NINA from the stars

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