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13jun01augfestival TOROTOTELA TOROTOTÀ > LABORATORIO TEATRALE SETTIMANALE in Polisportiva Preganziol (TV)TOROTOTELA TOROTOTÀ festival diffuso di teatro per bambini e famiglie(june 13) 9:00 - (august 1) 13:00

tue16jul18:3022:00festival TOROTOTELA TOROTOTÀ > spettacolo LE STORIE DEL MATTOTOROTOTELA TOROTOTÀ festival diffuso di teatro per bambini e famiglie18:30 - 22:00 Via Monte Antelao, Borgo Fiorito di Preganziol, Treviso

thu18jul17:3018:30festival TOROTOTELA TOROTOTÀ > LIBRICINA in Casa VivaTOROTOTELA TOROTOTÀ festival diffuso di teatro per bambini e famiglie17:30 - 18:30 via Besta 5, Dosson di Casier (TV)

fri19jul18:3022:00festival TOROTOTELA TOROTOTÀ > spettacolo COL CASCO NON CI CASCOTOROTOTELA TOROTOTÀ festival diffuso di teatro per bambini e famiglie18:30 - 22:00 piazza Diaz, Santrovaso di Preganziol, Treviso


26aug(aug 26)8:3006sep(sep 6)17:30CAMPUS ESTIVI DI TEATRO in Fattoria Didattica e Sociale RIO SELVA a Preganziol (Tv)TOROTOTELA TOROTOTÀ festival diffuso di teatro per bambini e famiglie8:30 - (september 6) 17:30 via Rio Serva 13, Preganziol (Tv)


Federica Bittante:
E-mail: federica.bittante@zeldateatro.com
mob.: 340 9362803
skype: fedebit
E-mail: info@zeldateatro.com
Fax: 0422 97452

About us

About us 2021-04-27T11:02:39+00:00

Passionate about our work, careful in our choices, attentive to the people with whom we cooperate.
This is us.

The company’s artistic soul.
Eclectic and reliable on stage, as in life.
Everyone knows a certain thing is unrealizable, until someone unaware of this comes and invents it.
Albert Einstein
Promoter and organiser. Empathic and curious.
Takes care of relationships.
Every person you meet is better than you at something, in that thing, you learn.
The only administrator. Precise and competent.
He cleverly supervises the first two.
There is no favourable wind for the sailor who does not know where he is going.


Zelda theatre company was created from the collaboration of a group of professionals who wanted to pool their experience in a single artistic and entrepreneurial project dedicated to the production, management and organization of theatrical and cultural events.
Our proposals are characterized by a particularly dynamic, original and engaging approach, while also reflecting on important social issues and civil commitment.
In a sector that has historically suffered from a lack of enforcement of social security rules and the absence of fiscal transparency, Zelda guarantees proper contracts and respect for artists and workers’ employment rights.


We believe that art and creativity are essential aspects of human beings and constitute a key opportunity for reflection, growth and engagement between individuals and communities. We are working towards a future which is responsible, fair, sustainable, and welcoming.


Caring for people and relationships is one of our core values. Our work aims to help individuals develop their emotional intelligence, ability to process and solve problems, and adaptability and lateral thinking: skills typical in the Creative Universe which are valuable both in the workplace and society. We want to help establish solid social bonds and promote regional regeneration. We create tailor-made projects, enhancing their content through the beauty of artistic language and constant interaction with our partners. We are proud to be a benchmark for applying artistic creation processes and theatrical techniques not only to cultural and artistic areas but to every field in which we operate, from education to training, businesses to scientific popularization, involving partners, students, and spectators in creative processes. That is why we are constantly looking for original languages, innovative processes, and effective solutions to enable us to grow and evolve along with our partners.
Our aim is to contribute to the civil and cultural renewal process at national and European level, maintaining our characteristic entrepreneurial approach and making ourselves available to networks and partnerships.

Some awards for our work:


Professional actor and SIAE (Italian Society of Authors and Publishers) author. In 2001 he graduated with honours in theatre studies in DAMS (Disciplines of Art, Music and Theatre) in Bologna. He then continued his training through internships and seminars, deepening his work on mask and the Commedia dell’arte and narrative. In 2003 he won the Nexus European bursary and worked in Paris with Carlo Boso at the Théâtre de Montreuil Studio, then at the Académie Internationale des Arts du Spectacle.

He specializes in applying theatre to training and education and in 2015 he undertook a Master’s in Theatrical languages and techniques in education at Biocca University, Milan.

Since 2008 he has been Artistic Director of Zelda – a professional theatre company with which he has performed over 700 times in professional reviews and festivals.

As a trainer and director, he collaborates with numerous organisations, running theatre and public speaking courses for companies, universities, schools, foundations and public bodies.

Since 2011 he has curated the Ad Alta Voce festival for Coop Alliance 3.0.

In 2012 he was among the winners of the City Business Award promoted by Corriere della Sera newspaper, as a Manufacturer of Ideas and Development.

In 2017 Starlight – Severnmillimetersofuniverse, produced in collaboration with INAF – the National Astrophysics Institute – was broadcast on the Rai Science, Rai Schools and Rai Play TV channels.

Since 2017 he has taught a Business Theatre course in the Department of Business Administration at Ca ‘ Foscari University, Venice.