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01nov9:0030jun(jun 30)22:00residenza teatrale A CASA NOSTRA(november 1) 9:00 - (june 30) 22:00 piazza Giacomo Matteotti 5/7, Piove di Sacco (Pd)

04may15:0004jun18:30Laboratori teatrali per bambini e ragazzipresso la Fattoria Didattica e Sociale Rio Selva di Preganziol (Tv)15:00 - (june 4) 18:30 via Rio Serva 13, Preganziol (Tv)

09may(may 9)10:3011jul(jul 11)12:30Laboratori teatrali per adultipresso la Fattoria Didattica e Sociale Rio Selva di Preganziol (Tv)10:30 - (july 11) 12:30 via Rio Serva 13, Preganziol (Tv)


Federica Bittante:
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Sopravvivere all’AutoDistruzione

SAD – Sopravvivere all’AutoDistruzione

By and with Filippo Tognazzo
Choreography by Anti Gravity Words
Produced in collaboration with the Schio Civic Theatre Foundation and USSL 4

Apathetic, demotivated, violent, conditionable: this is often the bleak portrait painted of the new generation. But are we sure it corresponds with reality? What’s behind such misery? SAD is a show based on the reasoning of an actor who tries to analyze these so-called deviations following Gregory Bateson’s advice: learn to look at things from a new viewpoint.

The issues it deals with are very topical: the impact of psychoactive substances and drugs on the nervous system, changes in the perception of reality induced by mass communication systems, violence and pornography, behavioural models promoted by adults, and finally, the importance of children’s awareness of the dynamics that surround them, and the need to respond to conditioning with a renewed spirit of participation and civic sense.

The show draws on youthful imagination and its myths and references: it includes quotes from horror films and the world of videogames, with punk, rock, hip hop, techno and electronic music.
The reasoning proceeds with a tight, almost televisual rhythm, moving from topic to topic using as bridging analogies, words and free associations. The logical process is closer to clicking on links when browsing the web than to reasoning according to the classical rules of rhetoric.

Spectators are also active participants in SAD, climbing on stage not so much to perform dialogue, but rather to make apparent the theatrical element, the prominence of what the audience is experiencing. The theatrical space is thus returned to an assembly space.
An innovative show that tells the story of contemporary society with vitality and irony through spurious, “barbarian” theatre.

Participatory theatre, 13 years +

We are grateful for the advice and collaboration of
Prof. Giuliano Avanzini, neurologist at the Besta Institute in Milan
Prof. Franco Lodi from the Department of Toxicology at the Milan Hospital
Dr. Raffaella Rivi, filmmaker
ULSS 22, Legnago SerT

Finalist in the OFF #2 Awards – Teatro Stabile del Veneto

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