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wed24aug21:1522:30UNA DONNA SOLA a Giussano (Mb)di Dario Fo e Franca Rame21:15 - 22:30 Parco di Villa Sartirana - via Carroccio 2, Giussano (Mb)


Federica Bittante:
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sette storie per sette province


A story for each province, weaving an imaginary path between rivers, caves, quarries and fields to share stories and legends from the Veneto region with adults and children. With a repertoire created from oral tradition, poetry and literature, Filippo Tognazzo and Ivan Tibolla revisit the storytelling genre in a modern key by putting the history and of a region into story and music.

Fole e Filò revives part of Italian oral heritage in a new dynamic and engaging formula. In addition to traditional tales and legends, the sources used are Italo Calvino’s Italian Folktales, Dino Colto’s Lost Veneto, Giovanni Basile’s The Tale of Tales and various poems with quotes from the works of Romano Pascutto, Ernesto Calzavara, Berto Barbari and others. The narrative therefore interweaves folk tales, legends and history, redrawing an unknown Veneto. There is a story for each province, tracing an imaginary path between rivers, caves, quarries and fields to share stories and legends great and small: the little fog girl who appears and disappears on November nights, the catfish that sleeps on the bed of the Rovigo marshes, the bandits hidden in the Belluno Dolomites, the mysterious creatures that populate the Venice lagoon…

Music as a character

In Fole e filò music plays a dramaturgical as well as evocative role (creating atmosphere and tension). It contributes to story development by introducing new characters (in the model of Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf), as well as by helping the characters through their ups and downs. In the show, classical instruments such as the accordion, guitar and flute are used, as well as more exotic instruments such as the hang, bansuri flute and Tibetan bell. The sound effects are live, creating a magical and engaging atmosphere. Rounding off the musical element of the show are local folk songs, verse, dialogue and poetry inspired by Italian folk music and especially the musicological research of Roberto De Simone.

Fole e filò is a unique show that will surprise and enchant not only children but also adults, helping them rediscover a Veneto infused with mystery and poetry.

Tales and music, 4 years +, families and adults

An ever-changing show

Fole e filò has a variable structure so it can be adapted to the toponymy and geography of the venue. In addition, during the narration, the audience is called on to suggest story developments and introduce new characters. The narrator uses Propp’s functions and some basic narrative structures to enable the tale to flow smoothly while integrating the audience’s suggestions.

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Fole e Filò

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